Marketing Roadmap

Marketing Strategy and Tiers:

The below are marketings strategies and tiers in terms of achievable volume milestones. Funds received in the marketing as BNB will be used 100% for marketing purposes. As the project grows, and daily volume increases, the project will promote its giveaway tiers also increase.
Community ideas are welcome.
Tier 1: $500,000 volume: $7,500 in BNB
Tier 2: $1,000,000 volume: $15,000 in BNB)
Super Tier: $10,000,000 volume: $150,000 in BNB
Ultra Tier: $100,000,000 volume: $1,500,000 in BNB

Marketing Checklist

  • Telegram, Twitter, Reddit Marketing.
  • TrustWallet
  • CMC
  • CG
  • Poocoin Advertisements #1
  • Professional YouTube/Instagram video #1
  • BTOK Advertisement
  • High-level Influencer #1
  • Famous Influencer Partnership/Sponsorship #1
  • Times Square "BabySafeMoon" Billboards
This checklist will be ticked off and updated as time passes.
Last modified 3mo ago