Development Roadmap

Development Financial Structure

The development wallet receives 2% of tokenomics transactions.
50% of 2% go to team as show of appreciation for hard work and a successful project.
  • Internal effort based structure.
50% of 2% go to the further development of the project.

Development Checklist

  • Cruise Control (Dynamic Tax Protocol V2) Activation
  • Website DAPP with indicators on current status of rocketship (balances, reflection calculator, BSM market statistics, dashboard upgrades)
  • Telegram bots to track latest updates on Cruise Control
  • Website buy/sell functionality.
  • Community polls for voting on dashboard through wallets.
  • Marketplace, merch, services via dashboard with BSM as currency.
  • Mobile application for wallet balance and dashboard interaction.
  • Distance from now to moon ($1)
This checklist will be ticked off and updated as time passes.
Last modified 3mo ago