Giveaway Roadmap

Giveaway Tiers:

The below are giveaway tiers in terms of achievable volume milestones. Lucky community members will receive these giveaways based on fair and lucky draws. As the project grows, and daily volume increases, the project will promote its giveaway tiers also increase.
Community ideas are welcome.
Tier 1: $50,000 volume: $500 in BNB
Tier 2: $100,000 volume: $1,000 in BNB
Tier 3: $500,000 volume: $5,000 in BNB
Tier 4: $1,000,000 volume: $10,000 in BNB
Super Tier: $10,000,000 volume: $100,000 in BNB
Ultra Tier: $100,000,000 volume: $1,000,000 in BNB.

Giveaway Checklist

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Segway
  • Latest iPhone/Android
  • Laptop (Gaming/MacBook)
  • Luxury Vacation Trip for 2 people
  • Cash-prize in for 3 community members in BNB
  • Apple Package (Latest iPhone, Macbook, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad)
  • Android Package (Latest Galaxy Phone, Latest ROG Laptop, Smartwatch, Galaxy Tab, Google Play Store Credits)
  • A Lamborghini
  • Tesla Plaid
  • Payoff a Community Member Student Loan
  • 3 people receive 1 BTC
  • A trip in orbit of earth (SpaceX/Virgin Galactic/Blue Origin) with camera crew.
This checklist will be ticked off and updated as time passes.
Last modified 3mo ago